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Quality Control
QC/Technical Support
  Inspect all raw and auxiliary materials Debug and adjust main equipment controllers regularly Debug and adjust testing equipment regularly Individually inspect bladders for roundness and airtightness Vulcanization testing Test finished sports balls for leakage, bounce, and roundness Final checking on products before packing Reject all defective products

QC Staff
More than 99

Raw materials come from China, Thailand and Malaysia, components mainly from Taiwan.  

Test equipment for roundness, airtightness and pressure


Professional testing room for product performance


Procedures/testing Details
  Purchased materials are tested by our QC staff according to national standards Strict quality control by production staff Semi-finished products, internal bladders, wire winding, valves, etc. must be physically inspected All sport balls are inflated and left idle for over 48 hours in order to test them leaks, roundness, bounce, and durability

  Other Information
  Counters for vulcanization Chemical analysis instruments Physical analysis instruments Flexibility testing instruments Durability testing instruments Roundness testing instruments Air pressure testing instruments

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